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HGS Work CloudTM

The way work was meant to be®

HGS Work Cloud™ is a modern operational framework that connects employees anywhere in the world – at a site, home office, or on the move – to deliver superior, consistent CX outcomes.

Emerging from the pandemic, the future of work is hazy. Employees have mixed views on returning to the office. Managers are unsure how to access and engage employees remotely, long-term. Customers have evolved.

Sustainable, go-forward business models are up in the air.

HGS Work Cloud connects employees with their managers and colleagues, clients and their customers, families and communities, and the latest data and innovations. It provides smart, scalable access to the people, processes, and technology required to get work done the way it was meant to be: balanced, reliable, secure, and flexible.

HGS Work Cloud is the agile, on-demand, reinvention of work.

Access top-quality talent anywhere in the world

Local skill sets may be limiting growth and resilience. HGS Work Cloud draws on global bench strength and provides continuous access to extraordinary talent working from home – or from our vibrant hybrid hubs and right-shore delivery centers.

HGS Work@Home

Access work-at-home best practices, continuous cloud connectivity, lively employee engagement programs, and on-brand experiences with distributed yet localized recruiting, training, and operations.


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Engagement Hubs

Blend HGS Work@Home convenience, a managed cloud infrastructure, and inspirational bricks-and-mortar workspaces for periodic in-person interaction. Balance savings and satisfaction with as-needed co-location.

Global Delivery Centers

Promote close collaboration, execute complex processes, ensure time zone and regulatory adherence, and cater to extroverts and teams in an office setting. Our 56 delivery centers are located in 7 countries.

HGS global locations

Empower employees with great experiences

The EX always drives the CX. Active employee experience (EX) management is key. Engage empathetically at all phases of the employee lifecycle.

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Reduce hiring from weeks to a couple of days with our Sophie bot

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Train employees rapidly and thoroughly with our Pathways solution

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Keep employees engaged, learning, and growing with our Teammate-Assist resources

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Ensure efficiency and productivity consistently every single day with our Daily Success and OAP solutions

Maximize productivity with a platform powered by AI, analytics, and automation

Manage the shift from single to multi-geography, make data-based decisions, interact with more customers, and provide high quality services consistently. Leverage the latest technologies to reinvent and rebalance what, where, and how work gets done.  

Cognitive Engagement

Scalable, on-demand, and secure contact center with API integrations

Data-Driven Insights

Predictive models, reporting dashboards, and contact center analytics

Automation ROI

Accelerate efficiency gains, optimize your CX, and maximize results

Omnichannel and Cloud

Smart channel selector, HGS Unified Desktop, and contact center in the cloud

Augment human potential with a mix of Bots&Brains™

Improve employee productivity by combining virtual and live agents, providing live-agent assist, promoting self-service, and executing tasks automatically. Find and maintain the right cost and experience balance between technology and people-managed processes.

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Over 600 RPA bots provide assistance, support, and automated process management for repetitive tasks

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40,000 contact center professionals provide extraordinary CX and BPO services, in both the front and back office

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Build your business for the future with a modern BPO operational framework

Learn how HGS Work Cloud™ can help you grow, adapt, balance, and thrive. The way work was meant to be®