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In 2016, HGS implemented our first work-at-home programs with great success. Our employees enjoyed a remote environment, our clients were pleased with the team’s high-performing metrics, and our clients’ customers received the same high-quality care as traditional in-center staff provides. Best of all, with agents located in different areas, unexpected events caused little to no service interruption.

Remote work is now considered standard operating procedure for thousands of global enterprises. Over the past eight years, the HGS Work@HomeTM team has continuously expanded and enhanced our remote operations capabilities, and we currently provide world-leading brands with 24/7/365 cloud-enabled virtual support.

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90 percent of staff moved into work at home model

Satisfaction soars with at-home solutions

HGS has successfully shifted over 90% of our global workforce to remote operations, and our ESAT and CSAT scores are both at an all-time high.

Partha DeSarkar - Global CEO

“The successful transition to work-at-home has given us the highest employee satisfaction scores and customer satisfaction scores ever.”

—Partha DeSarkar, Executive Director and Global CEO of HGS

Enjoy the advantages of a custom work-at-home platform

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Global talent

Access a global talent pool through 100% virtual recruitment

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Flexible scalability

Ramp by 100+% for seasonal demands and volume surges

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Higher retention, EX and CX

Engage staff virtually, boosting experiences and lowering attrition

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Expanded labor pool

Simplify language and skills recruitment with access to a wider pool

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Business continuity

Strengthen crisis management/disaster recovery plans with virtual backup

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Agile staffing

Leverage better flexibility to manage interval compliance


“We rely heavily on our HGS Jamaica team to ensure our customers’ utilities are being set up properly. During the pandemic, we really appreciated the proactive nature to how HGS responded quickly using HGS Work@HomeTM.”

—Director of Operations for a U.S.-based broadband marketplace

Cloud Accelerator

A rapid path to remote ops

The HGS Work@HomeTM team quickly migrates clients to cloud-based virtual operations through Cloud Accelerator, a cloud adoption acceleration framework that combines proprietary tools, best practices, security and governance, and automation.

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Ask us about HGS Work@HomeTM

Is HGS Work@HomeTM secure and compliant?

Yes, the HGS Work@HomeTM program is PCI compliant and certified. In our VDI environment, no data is stored locally, and all data is encrypted. We require two-factor authentication, and the network is inaccessible outside of operating hours. Each computer’s Wi-Fi is disabled, eliminating the possibility of roamers. Management assesses work areas regularly via a 360-degree webcam view to ensure compliance with our clean-desk policy.

Is HGS Work@HomeTM hiring and training performed remotely?

Yes, all aspects of the employee lifecycle—recruiting, hiring, training, coaching, and support—are conducted 100% virtually. At our award-winning Work@HomeTM Leadership University, we offer a virtual self-paced curriculum, trainer development, and Y-jacking.

Besides video chat and instant messaging systems, what other technology does HGS use to assist remote employees?

HGS integrates Robotics Desktop Automation, HGS PULSETM, AI for predicted response, and Unified Agent Desktop into each virtual workstation to offer streamlined support in real time.

How do you maintain employee engagement and mental wellness in a virtual environment?

The world of remote work is new to many of our employees, many of whom previously worked in brick-and-mortar contact centers. Today’s digital technology allows teammates across different geographies to participate in lunch-and-learn trainings, remote-but-together team events, and virtual happy hours. We monitor each person’s emotional bank account via frequent surveys and whole-person scheduled touchpoints, and we offer a virtual mentoring program as well.

I’m interested in an HGS Work@HomeTM career. What are my next steps?

Fantastic! We’d love for you to join our growing team.

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Intelligently expanding talent reach

When different languages and skill sets are required, work-at-home models offer a major advantage. We can easily draw upon our global bench strength, accessing suitable applicants across various geographies. Learn about our larger global operating model.

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