Valuable Visuals: The Power of Digital-Driven Image Analytics

AI and ML-powered image analytics drives improved data analysis

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By Sharath Tadepalli

Director and Global Practise Leader for Data Sciences and AI, HGS Digital, Austin, TX

Insight 1

Getting started with image analytics

With business-oriented planning and careful nurturing, image analytics can become a self-sustaining aspect of your organization’s all-around growth. Start by creating a tech-savvy, data-driven culture with processes to leverage the wealth of new information that will emerge from image analytics.

abstract concept of image analytics
abstract concept of image analytics

Insight 2

Carefully evaluate image analytics vendors

Vendor management is a crucial part of a successful image analytics endeavor, resulting in saved time, lower costs and higher quality software. Review our list of top vendor evaluation questions to ensure you are selecting the image analytics vendor that best suits your organization’s interests and requirements.

Insight 3

Select a platform that drives performance

To align with industry standards, image analytics solutions should be designed with a focus on performance and exceptional user experience. Look for image analytics software platforms that are built on a dedicated internal server or a cloud-based infrastructure that allows for periodic maintenance, updates, and feature upgrades.

abstract concept of image analytics

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