Speech analytics steers today’s true Voice of the Consumer

AI-powered speech analytics boosts CX and agent performance

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By Sharath Tadepalli

Director and Global Practise Leader for Data Sciences and AI, HGS Digital, Austin, TX

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One of the richest sources of customer data is call recordings, which contain insights spoken in the customer’s own voice. In fact, Gartner reports that 70% of mobile searchers click to call directly from search results to connect with a business.

Speech analytics, powered by artificial intelligence, helps today’s companies gain greater insight into customer experience and agent performance by analyzing large volumes of calls and applying rigorous analysis.

Inside the whitepaper

  • Specific ways to boost business benefits of speech analytics
  • Implementing an Ideal speech analytics framework approach
  • Tangible business milestones from textual and digital character archival
  • An 8-step approach to getting started with speech analytics

Featured speech analytics insights

Case study

Images of a young woman shopping online with a credit card

Driving revenue through customer experience

Improving cardholder NPS® scores with speech analytics


Image of a contact center agent working from home

Improve agent work-at-home performance with 8 unconventional uses of speech analytics

Speech-to-text and speech analytics technologies are often focused on capturing, understanding, and harnessing the voice of the customer to improve products and services.


woman using tablet

10 creative ways to leverage advanced analytics

Whichever metrics an organization has identified as critical to their business goals, the value of big data lies in how it’s analyzed and applied.

Accelerate the CX advantage with customer analytics

How well do you really know your customer? With today’s complexity of market segments, customer needs and channel preferences, businesses today need a holistic understanding of their customers. HGS Digital data analytics solutions help companies make data-backed business decisions to drive improved CX.

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