Top 2022 Digital Trends

The HGS Outlook 2022 Report highlights the 12 megatrends shaping the future of your digital business.

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As an organization leader, you must prepare your workforce to create the future for your enterprise, leveraging the right technology trends and paving the way for adoption.

In its Outlook 2022 Report, “Future Forward: 12 megatrends to transform your business in 2022”, HGS outlines trends key to delivering on your enterprise priorities: optimization, innovation and cultural readiness. Each trend builds on each other and provides a competitive edge.

2022 top 12 megatrends will help you:

  • Construct an action plan to prioritize and optimize digital investments
  • Redefine the DNA of your organization to ensure cultural readiness and adoption of digital strategies
  • Build a resilient and efficient technology organization to position IT as a true revenue center
  • Solidify your organization’s path to growth by focusing on Cloud and AI solutions that serve to simplify and scale digitization

About HGS’s Top Trends for 2022

The past two years have forced organizations to pivot, reconsider assumptions and readjust expectations. As a result, in 2022, enterprises will have three core priorities: digitalization, optimization and innovation.

HGS has released its top 12 digital business trends for 2022. Together, they serve as a strategic roadmap to help today’s organizations differentiate, innovate and compete in the coming year. These trends will position CIOs as strategic partners to drive organizational change, facilitate innovation and accelerate growth.

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Dive into the 12 trends that will define digital business in 2022.

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