How CIOs can Leverage Personalized CX to Ramp Up Revenue

Learn 5 ways to generate personalization-powered revenue

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Cultivate cross-team collaboration

CIOs need to nurture close working relationships with their marketing and support peers to understand customers’ needs. From tools to processes to KPIs, today’s customer journeys involve a series of digital touchpoints, which need the input of CIOs to run smoothly.

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Flowchart of CIO personalization framework

Define a dynamic data foundation

Success in delivering personalized experiences is dependent on the ability to collect data from all interactions a customer has with your organization and designing the right data foundation. Learn how the CIO can ensure that each digital touchpoint is designed to collect and use data in exchange for value.

Design an omni-channel customer journey map

Determining when and how to provide a personalized experience involves more than just creative content and messages. Focus on establishing a 360-degree view of each customer that maps to an end-to-end customer journey, enabling customer experiences – every time.

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