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Know where you stand with the HGS EPIC® Social Media Score report

Make your social media investments count by accelerating change that drives better results. Start today by benchmarking your current performance. Our HGS EPIC® Social Media Score report provides a detailed, comparative look at how well your target brand is performing on social channels. This custom report spotlights six key metrics that are most important to a well-rounded social media response strategy.

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Brand opportunity

How effective is your brand in capitalizing on the opportunities?

The best social care professionals are skilled in recognizing critical windows that could lead to improved customer rapport, loyalty, and sales.

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Brand engagement

How many mentions did your brand engage with?

Creating personalized content that engages customers in social media is a key driver of delivering exceptional experiences.

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Brand response

How good were the responses made by your brand?

Your customers deserve quality replies that effectively convey genuine empathy and consistently reflect your brand’s voice.

Graphic of brand advocacy

Brand advocacy

How many mentions about your brand are positive in nature?

Leveraging the power of highly-satisfied customers who serve as brand advocates can have bottom-line business benefit.

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Brand promptness

How quickly did your brand respond to the mentions?

With demand for real-time social customer care on the rise, brands must ramp up response times to meet growing customer expectations.

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Brand reach

How many unique users are actively engaged with your brand?

Understand the size of your potential audience and the context of your content by measuring the spread.

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Compare your brand’s performance to a composite benchmark score of leading brands in your industry

Does your social media strategy stack up?

Before you can boost your bottom-line social performance, it’s critical that you start with a baseline measurement. Watch our video to learn how your personal EPIC® HGS Digital Social Media Score can help bring your social media strategy to life.

Connect with more customers on social media, faster

Today’s brands understand that when it comes to their social media, they must do much more than listen. They must respond and influence with care. HGS EPIC® Social Care is a social media monitoring, brand management, and customer care solution that comprises four key main pillars to help businesses proactively manage brand reputation.

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Build deeper connections

Engage with customers to deepen relationships and answer customer service inquiries using your brand’s voice.

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Stay alert, aware and in-the-know

Protect your brand by tracking conversations and sentiment to mitigate issues before they become crises.

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Understand your customers

Build a crystal-clear picture of what your customers are saying so you can make informed business decisions.

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Make a lasting impression

Seize opportunities to drive positive media coverage and create memorable customer experiences.

Mentions matter. Responses count.

Driven by connection and community, today’s customers turn to social media to make decisions, ask questions, seek recommendations and engage with brands to demonstrate affinity. The right social media strategy can give your brand a competitive edge. Watch our video to learn how HGS Digital’s EPIC® Social Care’s combination of bots and brains can help your brand optimize customer experience and maximize opportunities.

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