A new frontier: Can artificial intelligence save lives in the workplace?

Step up workplace safety with smart AI-enabled solutions

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By Sharath Tadepalli

Director and Global Practice Leader for Data Sciences and AI, HGS Digital, Austin, TX

Leverage smart safety solutions with AI

Creating a safe work environment isn’t just good for employees, it’s good for business. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI), that combine machine learning, computer vision, and analytics can be a game changer in improving workplace safety by monitoring and preventing accidents before they happen.

AI-enabled, real-time, video analytics allows organizations to effectively automate health and safety monitoring. Businesses are leveraging AI applications to help customers and employees adjust to new safety regulations that include remote, real-time, equipment monitoring for predictive maintenance, safety zoning enforcement, personal protective equipment (PPE) detection, and more.

In this whitepaper, learn how video-based AI technology can quickly and accurately produce actionable insights in real time for both cost savings and increased operational efficiency, ultimately increasing overall workplace safety.

Inside the whitepaper

  • True costs of ineffective workplace safety strategies
  • Benefits of AI-focused hazard detection tools
  • Specific ways AI can monitor and prevent slip-and-falls
  • Applications of smart Intelligent Hazard Detection systems
  • Bottom-line business value of Intelligent Hazard Detection systems

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HGS Digital AI Workplace Safety Solution

Predict, prevent, and avoid workplace injuries

With more than 5,000 workers dying on the job every year and workplace injuries costing employers $161.5 billion per year, it’s critical to leverage both bots and brains to improve workplace safety. HGS Digital’s AI Workplace Safety Solution combines IoT and AI with our trained Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts to detect and prevent workplace hazards and take real-time action to significantly improve safety.

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