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Outsource Your Social Media Customer Service. Starting at £900/month.

Empower your team to turn social media interactions into memorable moments and build stronger customer relationships.

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Power of Social Media Goes Beyond Likes and Shares

In today’s fast-paced market, outstanding customer service is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. HGS Social Media Customer Service Solutions allows you to handle customer queries swiftly and adeptly, building trust, loyalty, and long-lasting relationships.

Transform Social Media into Dynamic, Interactive CX Channels

Monitoring and Listening


Uncover Valuable Customer Trends and Opportunities

Leverage social media data to identify key customer trends and unlock new business opportunities

  • Actively monitor relevant social media platforms for mentions of your brand, including comments, messages, and brand hashtags
  • Utilise social listening tools to identify trends, sentiment analysis, and potential customer service issues
  • Develop a system for prioritising mentions based on urgency and potential impact

Pricing Starts at £900/Month.

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Deliver Timely, Personalised Responses to Your Customers

Respond quickly with personalised messages to build stronger customer relationships on social media.

  • Reply promptly within a set time frame to all customer inquiries and complaints on social media
  • Acknowledge and personalise your responses to show you care about the customer
  • Maintain a professional and positive tone in all interactions, even when dealing with negative feedback

Pricing Starts at £900/Month.

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Monitoring and Listening
Resolution and Follow-Up


Resolve Customer Issues Quickly and Effectively

Proactively address customer problems and concerns to prevent online issues from escalating.

  • Strive to resolve customer issues directly through social media whenever possible
  • Offer alternative communication channels for complex problems that require more detailed information
  • Conduct a post-resolution follow-up with the customers to ensure they are satisfied

Pricing Starts at £900/Month.

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Transform Raw Data into Actionable Business Insights

Extract valuable information from social media data to drive strategic business decisions.

  • Monitor crucial indicators such as response times, resolution rates, and customer feedback
  • Analyse social media conversations to identify areas for improvement in your customer service approach
  • Regularly report on social media customer service performance to stakeholders to demonstrate its value

Pricing Starts at £900/Month.

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Reporting and Analysis

Success Stories


95% Reduction in Response Time of a Global Quick-Service Restaurant

Achieved remarkable improvements in the customer service operations of a global quick-service restaurant by implementing a three-fold strategy. Optimized low-priority cases, developed time-saving automated processes, and expanded the global customer service team with offshore CX experts, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

  • 95% reduction in the overall response time
  • 1.7M social media cases handled (among the highest in the industry)
  • 38% faster response time than the industry average


$12M+ Savings in Operational Costs for a Leading Fortune 10 Retailer

Brought together the right people, expertise, processes, AI, automation, and analytics to boost the online reputation and customer affinity for a leading Fortune 10 retailer. Deployed proven engagement rules and leveraged AI and automation to enhance customer interactions. Additionally, collaborated with the client’s PR agency for crisis management and influencer engagement.

  • $12M+ cost savings achieved by filtering 8.5x non-actionable mentions through intelligent automation and AI
  • 180K+ customers engaged with personalised responses across various online channels
  • Less than 15Min. Response time (48% of all customers engaged within 15 minutes; nearly 90% within 2 hours)


4,900% Growth in the Support Services Team of a Leading SaaS Company

Deployed the College Connect program to tap into the rich talent pool of graduates from various colleges. Expanded the workforce of this leading online travel and expense management services company from 40 employees (FTEs) to a whopping 2,000+ employees (FTEs). Notably, the support services were offered in English, German, and French.

  • 4,900% increase in the headcount of the support services team
  • 265% boost in productivity improvements post-revamp
  • 2.3% attrition, which had led to better quality and efficiency


$6M Increase in Revenue of a Leading Health & Wellness Program Provider

Combined meticulous staffing and training methods to align agents with roles that suit their skills and personalities. Multiple tiers of call listening sessions, bolstered by data analysis and manual agent tracking, laid the foundation for action plans. Additionally, a comprehensive program featuring brand ambassador recognition, call modelling sessions, and regular manager touch-base meetings were instituted to maximise results.

  • $6M increase in revenue in one year
  • 46% improvement in the overall Average Handle Time (AHT)
  • 34% retention rate achieved


1,200 Employees Recruited in 90 Days for a Leading Telecom Company

Deployed a two-fold solution to mitigate a government-mandated wage increase. Used a work-at-home model to drive significant cost savings and enhance employee retention. While increasing the wages was a tough decision, it eventually helped in better recruitment, lower attrition, and a higher quality of talent.

  • 1,200 employees recruited in 90 days record recruiting numbers bolstered by new wage
  • $5M cost savings per year through volume optimisation and work-at-home
  • 65% improvement in attrition with the work-at-home model


92% CSAT Achieved for a Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Hired a team of full-time midwives, nutritionists, and other certified healthcare professionals skilled enough to handle the full spectrum of customer queries. Designed an agent training program to transform the healthcare professionals’ clinical skill sets into exceptional customer care for parents and their babies. Offered a digital, mobile-friendly contact option for busy parents, allowing for seamless stop-and-start conversations and requiring less effort than email.

  • 92% CSAT achieved by the multi-skilled agents
  • 650+ brand products’ customer queries handled effectively
  • More than 50 NPS Score secured by the CX team

What our clients say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


“Strong communication and relationship building ensures the customer and client is the heart of their decision making and investments which is really delivering CSAT.”

– Gartner Peers Insight

“We are incredibly proud that DBS has been recognised as the highest-rated public sector organisation for customer satisfaction in the UK. The result demonstrates the organisation’s strong commitment to providing high quality services and the dedication and hard work of DBS staff.”

– Eric Robinson, CEO of DBS

“Our partnership continues to be strong, with the HGS team working in collaboration with us…we would not hesitate to recommend HGS as an outsourcing partner.”

– Head of Outsourcing at Fujitsu

“We chose HGS because we are a hugely people focused business – employees and customers, and HGS matched this. We found that other outsourcers are more tactical and less about people.

– Coffee House


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