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Change in the age of automation

In a 2020 report published by Forrester, it is predicted that more than a million knowledge-work jobs will be replaced by software robotics, robotic process automation (RPA), virtual agents and chatbots, and machine-learning-based (ML) decision management. This can significantly enhance the quality of work for employees, while bettering cost efficiencies of processes. Businesses today are looking for ways to digitally transform their traditional approach to managing customer interactions.

  • There is a need to constantly innovate in order to do more with less, yet ensure quality is not compromised.
  • Inefficiencies and potential errors, compounded with legacy systems, make it difficult to cater to the omnichannel needs of the digital customer.
  • Automation gives people the opportunity to upskill, thereby improving employee productivity and job satisfaction.
image of a person holding a transparent digital board with AI data showing on it
graphic of intelligent automation informs ML-based decision management, resulting in the improvement of work quality, cost savings and customer satisfaction

Presenting automation of the future

In pursuit of digital transformation, more and more companies are embracing intelligent automation. Intelligent automation combines automation with artificial intelligence to analyze vast amounts of information, identify trends and patterns, and predict outcomes that aid in better decision making. This significantly enhances efficiency and lowers turnaround time and manual effort.

At HGS, our intelligent automation solution leads with cognitive self-service automation and intelligently integrates people at key moments of truth. It is technology-agnostic and uses analytics to innovate and improve. Our solution allows machines to do more than just process data. It can now analyze data sets, spot inconsistencies, check for correctness, and ultimately, help make better business decisions.

Digital integrator technologies, such as natural language processing, contextual insights, and artificial intelligence, power a truly digital CX.

Front office

In the front office, our bots assist agents in resolving customers queries efficiently. Resolution steps are automated and handle time is minimized for interactions, thereby enabling an intelligent people-system handoff and an end-to-end experience journey.

Back office

In the back office, we provide a range of digital solutions, such as transactions processing, document research, data validation and updates, reporting, and complex decision-making, based on algorithms.

Innovate and improve with HGS automation services

We provide end-to-end automation.

Initially, we used RPA solutions only for clients but quickly institutionalized automation within our own business. Today, we use ML and natural language processing (NLP) as a virtual workforce that is capable of executing tasks and learning from data sets, including decisions based on emotion detection.

Why HGS Digital?

Our creative team of strategic thinkers, solution architects, user-centric designers, analysts, security experts, and software engineers can design and build a solution suited to your industry, organization, goals, and budget.

Customer expertise

With a strong base in business process management and an understanding of the ever-changing needs of the digital customer, we have a distinct edge. We have built almost 120 bots for blue-chip clients.

Domain expertise

We’ve proven our capability in insurance, healthcare, retail, CPG, and more and take pride in providing support that’s custom-made for each domain. We have 100 specialists who can transform your business.

Technology expertise

What started as an exercise in improving efficiencies for customers, led to the early adoption of automation and a stronghold in client care. We partner with the best to enrich our automation offerings.

Ready to build smarter?

Cutting costs and creating efficiencies is a top priority for today’s organizations as they look to drive digital transformation through lean operations. The ROI of lean operations promises greater employee engagement and a bigger bottom line.
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Design over technology

We focus on design over technology to create a high-ROI implementation plan with a multi-parameter-based prioritization approach. This design-led automation approach determines the scope of automation from blended to re-engineered to fully automated.

We conduct focused discovery sessions to ensure the right processes with higher impact are identified for automation. During this stage, a pool of processes are reviewed and a scored against various parameters, keeping in mind the criticality, business impact, and other factors. With a strong business case established and stakeholder buy-in, we then undertake process understanding studies where happy path and exception mapping is carried out. We ensure both the upstream and downstream activities are reviewed to ensure the process is streamlined.

Steps for the HGS Intelligent Automation strategy showing the priority of design over technology