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Efficiency through optimization

CXOs are often tasked with driving cost optimization by enhancing business efficiency. It’s an objective that can be achieved through digitization, by automating processes, and reducing manual effort. It can be achieve with our Automated Enterprise solution.

Forrester predicts the robotic process automation (RPA) industry to grow to $2.9 billion in 2021. Analysis of what to automate, how to automate, how much to automate, while keeping value maximization in mind, is where HGS’s expertise lies.

RPA is a non-invasive solution that uses a client’s existing end-user interfaces and enterprise applications to automate processes to reduce agent effort and bring in process efficiency. This eventually leads to:

  • Better capacity handling
  • Faster processing
  • Better turnaround time
  • Reduced penalties and agent mistakes
  • Better compliance
  • Cost optimization

HGS intelligent automation is driven by three key components


We take pride in attracting the best solution architects with strong digital backgrounds and domain-specific knowledge to attack the task at hand. We have a team comprised of black belts, technical architects, and data scientists to help derive the maximum benefits from automation.


We design and deploy bots based on clients’ individual requirements. This is backed by process reengineering, Six Sigma practices, domain know-how, and a deep expertise in business process management. We bring together tools and process experts to help reengineer the process and drive significant business efficiencies.


We work with the leading RPA platform providers. We focus on solutions rather than just the tools. We also build or bring in complimentary technologies for the hyper-customization of solutions. We have built over 600 bots for CX and back-office processes and can quickly deploy them as part of your automation strategy.

Approaches for automation solution design

Fully automated

In this approach, there is an end-to-end process automation. There is no manual intervention. Bots take care of the entire process.

Blended automation

Bots are deployed for the rule-based, repetitive tasks. There is some human intervention depending on the process requirements and risk implications.

Reengineered for automation

Parts of the process are automated, with human intervention as required. This depends on the process and the desired result of automation.

What’s your brand of automation?

Front office

  • Unified desktop
    This appears mainly in contact centers where agents handle calls. Automation helps agents to retrieve from siloed systems faster. This reduces the average handling time of the call and allows the agent to focus the customer interaction, rather than information-seeking.
  • Agent-assist bots
    When customers call a contact center, agents often struggle with finding answers quickly and efficiently. Bots can help them find the right answers quickly by carrying out the necessary steps and fetching the required details faster, while the call is going on.

Back office

There are a lot of activities and transactions that are carried out on the back end, where there is constant information flow between systems. RPA helps to automate these repetitive or rule-based tasks, and thereby helps in improving the efficiency of processes with better accuracy and turnaround time.

Delivering support to scale and reduce costs by up to 50% for a technology client

In 2017, an IT company was on the lookout for an outsourcing partner well-versed in robotic process automation. This organization sought to reduce shared services, increase process efficiency and, at the same time, optimize costs.

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Innovate and improve with HGS automation services

We provide end-to-end automation.

Initially, we used RPA solutions only for clients but quickly institutionalized automation within our own business. Today, we use ML and natural language processing (NLP) as a virtual workforce that is capable of executing tasks and learning from data sets, including decisions based on emotion detection.

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Cutting costs and creating efficiencies is a top priority for today’s organizations as they look to drive digital transformation through lean operations. The ROI of lean operations promises greater employee engagement and a bigger bottom line.

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