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Eliminate repetitive, low-value processes for customers, agents, and CX support teams.

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Interactive and Assistive Automation Offerings

Through proven automation strategies and solutions, we can alleviate pressure on your agents while providing your customers with a world-class experience.

Remove Roadblocks Caused by Siloed Technologies

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Interaction Automation

Streamline with Voice or Text Chatbots

Facilitate 24/7 customer access with interaction automation!

Regular chatbots answer or route simple queries with a knowledgebase or decision tree, while intelligent chatbots use AI to assess context, address concerns, and trigger back-end processes.

AI-enabled chatbots are continuously learning, leading to higher quality and decreasing reliance on agents over time.

From end to end, automation for customers is easy with HGS experts.

Agent-Assistive Automation

Power Up Productivity with Agent-Assist

With AI-powered agent-assist, eliminate the mundane repetition that leads to employee dissatisfaction.

By automatically rendering data from different sources, get 360-degree customer insights, including omnichannel interaction history and sentiment.

With our Smart Actions, populate multiple systems with a single keystroke, minimize lookups and after-call work, and more.

Enable agents to focus on resolution, satisfaction, and conversion for a superior CX.

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Team-Assistive Automation

Boost Performance with CX Team-Assist

Reduce the ratios of CX support staff to agents by automating the everyday tasks of team leaders, quality analysts, reporting specialists, and more with contact center automation.

Call listening and QA/QC scorecard completion are rote processes ripe for automation and speech analytics, as is pulling together the periodic charts and tables used for service-level and performance monitoring.

Streamline and support the efforts of your contact center support teams.

Hybrid Automation

Improve End-to-End Speed and Accuracy

With hybrid automation, respond quickly to a customer inquiry with a mix of bots and humans, in the front and back office.

Seamlessly combine humans supported by assistive automations in the front office with automated, intelligent investigations and validations in the back office – or vice versa.

Using hybrid methods, capitalize on all opportunities to improve accuracy and speed!

Automate what you can, when you can with HGS.

Contact Center Automation

Enable Agents to Focus on Valuable Customers (Not Systems)

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Contact Center Automation Case Studies

Flexible Automation Packages and Pricing

Quick-Start Solutions

Projects under 1 week

Benchmark Assessment

  • Kickstart your automation journey with an assessment and ROI estimate of up to 4 processes.

Automation Journey Map

  • This discovery and milestone planning workshop leads to process prioritization, a roadmap, and metrics for success.

Proof-of-Value Implementation

  • Expedite your automation journey with a UiPath Proof-of-Value deployment and up to 4 mapped, Smart Actions.

RPA Health Check

  • Using a 31-point diagnostic check and architecture review, identify UiPath issues and get actionable solutions.

Smart Action Setup

Projects under 1 month

Smart Action Deployments

  • Expand your set of intelligent automations with predefined robotic process automation (RPA) Smart Actions.

Custom Robotic Process Automations (RPAs)

  • Create or customize RPAs that are not currently available in the Smart Action menu to meet your needs.

Performance & Analytics

  • Integrate your RPAs with a reporting tool to ensure success tracking and continual improvement.

X-Team Support Packs

  • Tap our on-demand support team to resolve UiPath issues at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated team.

Ad Hoc & Add-Ons

Timelines vary by need

IT & Developer Training

  • Enable your IT and development teams to leverage UiPath and other common automation technologies.

Automation Center of Excellence

  • Set up an Automation Center of Excellence (CoE) and governance framework to automate across the enterprise.

Agent X Contact Center Console

  • Install a single pane of glass for customer service processes. Boost agent productivity with up to 5 mapped, Smart Actions.

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  • Say goodbye to the challenges of retaining in-house IT staff, and hello to flexible, cost-effective, contract talent.

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Contact Center Automation

Reduce the Hidden Busy Work in Your Contact Center

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Automation FAQs: Ask Us Anything, Anytime

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What tools does HGS use for automation projects?

We have garnered substantial experience with UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Power Automate, and Agent X Smart Actions tools, but can work with your preferred tools as well.

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What deployment models does HGS offer?

Projects can be delivered standalone or as add ons to an outsourced contact center. We offer automation proof of value (business case), deployment, and Center of Excellence (CoE) services.

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How long does a typical automation project take?

We offer contact center automation-related assessments, quick-start packages, and add-on services with engagements that can range from 2 days to 4 weeks. Services can be mixed and matched.

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Do you automate front- and back-office processes?

Yes! We can find efficiencies throughout your organization – not just in the contact center.

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Can HGS help us to quantify ROI to justify an automation project?

Yes! There are many ways to measure the success of an automation project (e.g., deflection rates, AHT, accuracy, quality, CSAT,). We can quantify ROI meaningfully.

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Can HGS assist with our overall AI and automation strategy?

Yes! We provide end-to-end automation, including strategy, assessment, re-engineering, LeanOps, implementations, integrations, and maintenance.

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