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Artificial Intelligence

Improve business processes with the transformative power of AI.

Deploy enterprise AI models to operationalize and govern Intelligent Document Processing, AI Security, and Generative AI. 

Intelligent Document Processing

Automate data extraction, classification, and validation for improved compliance, risk management, and operational efficiency. Using AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to convert unstructured data into structure data, HGS increases accuracy, enhances compliance, and improves cost savings in Finance, HR, Procurement, and more.

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AI Security

Enhance your AI defense posture with AI preparedness assessments, secure AI consulting, technology partnerships, cybersecurity staffing, and more. Leveraging expertise and partnerships, HGS provides tailored security measures, ensuring AI technologies are used safely and effectively. Prevent data breaches, ensure compliance, and support innovation responsibly.

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Generative AI

Accelerate your digital transformation journey by automating tasks, improving compliance, and boosting contact center agent retention. HGS combines AI with human expertise to train and complement AI systems. Increase cross-selling activity and improve customer satisfaction scores with generative AI solutions that lead to significant growth and better customer experiences.

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