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Kickstart your data-driven marketing initiatives

Marketers often face the daunting task of understanding consumer behavior and gathering product/service data across dozens of media and interaction channels.

Marketing analytics can reveal insights on customer behavior and preferences during the customer journey. Leveraging such insights can lead to incremental revenues through better conversations with the customer, better conversion in the marketing funnel, more successful upselling and cross-selling, and higher quality products/services.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not fully integrate data into their marketing strategy. But we can kickstart your data-driven marketing initiatives!

Person reviewing marketing data on a cellular phone with bar graphs superimposed on the image

Our data-driven marketing services

Our offerings include workshops that bring together stakeholders, accelerate the project timeline, and ensure efficient knowledge transfer and training.

Strategy and vendor evaluation

We help you establish a roadmap for data-driven marketing initiatives. Our data scientists provide guidance on data strategy, vendor evaluation, and solution architecture/proof-of-concept to align your marketing strategies and business objectives.

Implementation services

We help you rapidly deploy future-ready marketing solutions with a full range of data-driven marketing implementation services. We collaborate with your operational and IT teams to ensure your implementation journey is a success.

Support and optimization

We ensure you scale up continuously and make the most of your data-driven marketing solutions. Our support includes ongoing enhancements, 24/7 admin support and maintenance, data sciences reporting, visualization, and recommendations.

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Get marketing automation strategy, implementation, and managed services

Marketing automation involves delivering and managing marketing processes and campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically. Marketing automation reduces repetitive marketing tasks, increases consistency, ensures follow-up and follow-through, allows for measurement, and enables team members to focus on more strategic, creative tasks.

We have over a decade of marketing automation success and can help:

  • Better understand and document your critical business and marketing requirements
  • Create an effective implementation plan to track success metrics and achieve key objectives
  • Deliver a best-in-class marketing automation solution that is scalable, flexible, and easy to maintain

As experts in Salesforce and Oracle Marketing Cloud, our consultants deliver marketing automation solutions for lead nurturing, prospect scoring, personalization, customer journey mapping, data collection, and understanding a prospect’s digital body language.

Assess your marketing analytics maturity

At HGS Digital, we developed – and now use regularly – a maturity model (shown) to benchmark our client’s marketing analytics maturity and help them to move up the value chain.

The model has four distinct stages, and each stage is associated with a set of data and related marketing actions that will deliver strategic value.

We use this model with clients to identify and develop a set of activities that moves them to the next stage of marketing maturity.

HGS's data-driven marketing-maturity model that shows 4 stages of marketing maturity

A unified customer data platform (CDP) lets your data work for you

A CDP is a marketing system that unifies customer data in a persistent database that can be accessed by other systems.

To build a truly personalized experience, businesses need to capture and combine data from multiple channels. Integrating data creates a 360° view of the customer from the marketing perspective and allows data-driven initiatives. Since many marketing technologies are siloed, a CDP enables marketers to tie the data together across systems in real-time, enabling them to segment and target.

CDP starts with data collection, then segmentation, which informs campaign execution
A young woman stares intently at a tablet as she researches her next purchase

Hyperpersonalization—the key to unlocking what customers want

As competition intensifies in every market, marketers are challenged to design campaigns that address specific customer needs, wants, and preferences.

Personalization is the next frontier in marketing campaign design and development wherein there is a shift from viewing the market as a collection of segments to a segment of one.

To enable targeting of individual prospects and customers, a variety of qualitative and quantitative data needs to be collected across channels in real time. Let HGS Digital help with hyperpersonalization.

icon of a user's 360 degree properties: profile, preferences, career, behavior, social and shopping

Customer 360° data and hyperpersonalization workshop

Learn how innovators are hyperpersonalizing experiences and building a customer 360-degree view using data.

icon of core tools in the Marketing Tech Stack: CMS, DAM, Marketing automation, CRM, Social management, Analytics and Lead Management

Martech and marketing analytics strategy workshop

Learn how to align a martech-stack with marketing and business goals and perform a web analytics audit.


A CDP collects and integrates real-time, persistent data to provide a 360-degree customer view.

No. In fact, segmentation becomes more powerful, granular, and critical.

Most CDPs provide an experimentation platform where dynamic A/B testing can be done to test variations for statistical significance in a seamless manner.

Off-the-shelf CDP solutions provide connectors, identity resolution capabilities, and AI/ML capabilities that help in customer scoring.

Typically, it takes about 1-2 months to get the initial use-cases implementation. The duration for overall implementation depends on several factors, such as scope of data, integration complexity, and desired outcomes.

Data and analytics services

HGS Digital provides end-to-end data and analytics services.

HGS brings extensive data and analytics expertise, along with in-depth domain proficiency, to help clients transform their businesses. We provide strategic CX and technology consulting, along with resources to implement end-to-end data and analytics solutions.

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