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Transform data into actionable insights with expert data analytics consulting.

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Data Analytics

Establish a data collection and analysis system that consolidates massive volumes of data used to model and predict new opportunities.

Enterprise Data Lake & Data Warehouse

Leverage the scalable architecture of modern data lake, data warehouse, and visualization tools using modern cloud platforms. HGS’s application management services (AMS) can store and integrate disparate data on one platform to use for advanced analytics, ad-hoc analysis, self-service, and more.

Technology - Data Warehouse
Technology - Data Analytics and Planning

Planning & Analysis

Implement and optimize planning solutions such as SAP and Anaplan to support budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes. HGS consultants are world-class experts in connected planning, extended planning and analysis (xP&A), and consolidation solutions.

Trade Management Applications

Drive higher product volumes with more revenue and higher margin growth with HGS’s fully integrated ERP and demand planning services. Hire HGS consultants to evaluate current promotion management, sales volume planning, and trade processes to provide a complete blueprint for the future.

Technology - Trade Apps for Data Management
Technology - Data Engineering

Data Engineering & Integration

Leverage the industry’s most comprehensive data engineering and integration solutions to clean, catalog, and govern on-premise and cloud enterprise data. We offer data engineering services for new implementations, migrations, upgrades, validation/assurance, data maintenance, and support.

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Unlock the true potential of analytics. HGS is a full-service planning and analytics provider including design, implementation, and application management services. Our consultants have expertise across multiple industries including consumer products, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and distribution, retail, utilities, and high tech.

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