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Use automation to grow and scale your contact center operation

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Achieve CX Excellence with HGS and UiPath Automation Solutions

With a combined 60 years of experience designing, managing, and transforming global contact centers, our domain expertise is unrivaled in CX focused systems integration.

As a globally recognized Gartner® leader for customer service BPO, we provide a full spectrum of services dedicated to changing both customer service and customer experience. Our partnership with a Gartner® leader like UiPath helps businesses grow and scale in both CX excellence and innovation.

Improve Operational Efficiency

By eliminating mundane and repetitive tasks that bog down an agent, organizations can see a reduction in errors, an increase in productivity and faster turnaround times.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Combining UiPath’s strength in automating business processes with HGS’ global, award-winning Agent X platform offers organizations the chance to craft an enhanced customer experience blending human expertise with digital efficiency.

Optimize Your Investment

UiPath leverages HGS’ global talent community, a cost-effective means of deploying and connecting Moderators and Community Managers to customers’ technology platforms.

UiPath + HGS

Working Smarter, Not Harder

Our partnership layers our deep domain expertise in powering agent productivity with best-in-class technologies that ultimately maximizes productivity and increases customer satisfaction. With as simple as a push of a button, our partnership assists agents with traditional after call tasks that can improve process efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experiences.

Phillip Clay
RVP, Americas Partner Sales

“Our successful partnership with HGS is focused on prioritizing customer success, delivering exceptional value, and driving CX system integration.

“Together, we are improving the way businesses operate, unlocking new opportunities, and achieving efficiency for our clients. As we continue to grow and innovate, we are excited about expanding our partnership even further, ultimately empowering more organizations to improve their efficiency.”