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Transform your contact center with award-winning expertise, innovative agent accelerators, and managed services from HGS.

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We Aren’t Just a Twilio Partner, We’re a Twilio Customer

With a combined 60 years of experience designing, managing, and transforming global contact centers, our domain expertise is unrivaled in CX focused systems integration.

As a global leader in providing digital CX solutions and services, our purpose-driven, design for efficiency, and agent productivity focus delivers incredible customer experience results alongside the Twilio Flex platform.

65+ Twilio-certified developers

2.5K+ Agents deployed on Twilio today

25+ successful client migrations to Twilio

50+ Twilio contact center implementations

Twilio + HGS

Enhanced Omni-Channel Customer Engagement While Delivering a Richer Employee Experience, Greater Operational Efficiency and Powerful Innovation

Twilio Flex Implementation Service

A “Ready to Deploy” HGS Service providing an accelerated framework designed to help customers plan, configure, and deploy their Twilio Flex environment in a matter of weeks vs. months. Enables clients the quickest path to providing great customer service and scale the platform for future needs.

Best suited for: Rapid Flex Deployments

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Twilio Flex Managed Solution

A “CapEx” light service designed to assist customers in the deployment and ongoing management of their Twilio Flex solution with as little “unforeseen expenses” as possible. This white-glove service includes standard deployment and ongoing monthly “Expert-on-Demand” service to help with customization and productivity enhancements.

Best suited for: Multi-year Contracts

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Twilio Migration Services

Leveraging HGS’ deep domain expertise in contact center transformation, Twilio Migration Services is a robust migration program. It’s designed to help customers migrate from their current contact center platform or upgrade their Twilio platform to the latest release.

Best suited for: Existing Twilio / Legacy Platform Clients

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HGS Agent X Accelerator + Twilio Flex

For customers looking to maximize agent productivity and gain significant business value from their Twilio investment, the HGS Agent X console accelerator, combined with Twilio Flex, is award-winning innovation at its finest. HGS Agent X accelerator provides an easy to use, simple interface designed to fit the needs of the business and accelerate innovation and business outcomes.

Best suited for: Clients Seeking Comprehensive Flex Solution

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The power of innovation, the strength of decades of experience, and the flexibility of the Twilio Flex platform

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Pre-packaged “Ready to Deploy” services designed to get you where you want to be quickly.

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Elevated Customer Experience

A team of global CX experts ready to ensure your Twilio Flex investment empowers your customer experience goals.

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Deep End-to-End Domain Expertise

Decades of contact center and system integration experience, data, AI, and automation expertise to deliver a seamless solution.

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Powerful Agent Productivity Acceleration

The power of HGS innovation in a simple, single console that delivers agent productivity acceleration, reduces handle times, and drives improved ROI from your Twilio Flex.

Twilio + HGS

A Partnership Redefining Innovation

Alex Ball
VP of Sales and GTM, Twilio Flex

“We’re proud to be great partners with HGS. Our shared vision is clear: every interaction should resonate with genuine care and understanding.

“With the capabilities of Twilio Flex and HGS’s expertise in understanding customer needs, we aim to elevate business communications, striking the right balance between warmth and professionalism. Together, we’re redefining what it means to connect in today’s digital landscape.”

IAOP Excellence in Strategic Partnerships

Awards and recognitions

HGS Digital and Twilio win 2021 IAOP award

The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) recognized HGS Digital for Excellence in Strategic Partnerships for its partnership and solutions delivered with Twilio. IAOP recognizes partnered organizations for demonstrating excellence in collaboration, innovation, and outcomes as part of IAOP’s Global Outsourcing 100 evaluation each year.

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