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Our partnership with Progress

Together, we can provide the people, processes, and technologies to streamline your application development and elevate your digital experiences
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The partnership offers full-service strategy, design, and implementation for successful digital customer experiences, data-driven marketing, and cloud.

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About Progress

Progress (NASDAQ: PRGS) offers the leading platform for developing and deploying strategic business applications. We enable customers and partners to deliver modern, high-impact digital experiences with a fraction of the effort, time, and cost. Progress offers powerful tools for easily building adaptive user experiences across any type of device or touchpoint, award-winning machine learning that enables cognitive capabilities to be a part of any application, the flexibility of a serverless cloud to deploy modern apps, business rules, web content management, plus leading data connectivity technology.

Ideal partnership

For organizations using Progress’s products and solutions for web content and experience management, application development and deployment, business rules, data connectivity, predictive maintenance, front-end and back-end services, on-premise or in the cloud, and more, HGS is an ideal service provider and consultant.

Specifically, for businesses using Progress Sitefinity, the best-in-class web experience management solution, and Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud for personalization and optimization across digital channels, the partnership opens several mission-critical opportunities.

HGS — digital production and management experts

HGS (previously known as Element Solutions) reduces operational expenses and increases marketing responsiveness with top-caliber digital production and management services. HGS can rapidly produce high-quality on-brand content, graphics, landing pages, and social media posts – all within Sitefinity and in close coordination with internal web and marketing teams.

Top-tier digital marketing and consulting services

HGS provides top-caliber digital marketing services to ensure organizations create the optimal Progress digital experience: hyper-personalized to their target customers, informed by a customer data platform, and automated to facilitate every step of the buyer’s journey. HGS encompasses all areas of strategy, design, implementation, analytics, and ROI for a business’s digital marketing activities, ensuring that an organization leverages the full power, potential, and benefits of the Sitefinity technology platform.

“HGS’s world-class services make them an excellent addition to our partner community. We are aligned in our commitment to providing the best technologies available to deliver the digital experiences of tomorrow and we’re confident that our customers will benefit from the expertise HGS will provide.”
says John Ainsworth, Senior Vice President, Core Products, Progress

Partner release

[BOSTON, Mass.] – May 29, 2018 – Element Solutions LLC, USA (now known as HGS Digital), a global digital consulting services company, today announced a strategic alliance with Progress, the leading provider of application development and deployment technologies.
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Power applications with Progress

Over 1,700 independent software vendors, 100,000 enterprise customers, and two million developers rely on Progress to power their applications. Learn about Progress at progress.com or +1-800-477-6473.

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