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Enhance Your CX with Glance + HGS

Glance integrates seamlessly into any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Secure, seamless, personal.

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The Glance and HGS Digital partnership enhances the digital customer experience by allowing customer service agents the ability to connect from inside a CRM to instantaneously co-browse, screenshare and navigate together alongside customers.

Reduce Costs and Scale Revenue

Our deep rooted expertise in technology combined with Glance’s  unique ability to personalize the digital customer experience helps agents resolve issues faster while improving customer satisfaction. A win-win for any business-customer relationship.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

Glance has unparalleled capabilities to digitally enhance the customer experience and coupled with HGS Digital’s commitment to providing customer-first digital solutions, the customer experience transforms into a frictionless or frustration-free environment.

Improve overall efficiency

Glance’s technology integrates seamlessly within any existing CRM platform, and the ability to streamline agent workflow and interaction leaves HGS Digital customer’s ready to resolve issues faster.

Increase Demos to New Leads

Tapping into Glance’s ability to cobrowse, screen share and access a one-way agent video, prospective client demos have never been more personal or effective, unlocking differentiation and making new lead acquisitions easier to obtain.

Tom Martin
CEO of Glance

“Glance aligns with the HGS vision to leverage deeper insights that will ultimately remove friction from the customer experience. Our partnership unlocks the difference between a company that digitizes the customer experience and a company that digitally transforms the customer experience.”

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