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Image of roadside assistance

Visual IVR drives reduction of agent calls with self-service roadside assistance

For one roadside assistance provider, improving the experience of requesting assistance for its customers while decreasing costs associated with long, expensive agent calls was critical...
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Converting 80% of SMS contacts to leads for auto shopping website

An online vehicle shopping company engages HGS to drive leads, set appointments, and improve customer service for dealers.
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Customer complaint resolution and support for a major Indian automobile manufacturer

A leading Indian automotive manufacturer engaged HGS to improve customer satisfaction and retention and ensure a steady stream of revenue from existing customers.
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Providing high quality, competitive contact center solutions for an automobile major

An Indian automobile major chose HGS to support their customer service app and provide a great user experience.
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Support for CSAT and customer complaint resolution for a major automotive manufacturer

An Indian automotive manufacturer contracted HGS to handle customer complaints and answer customer queries, with a focus on enhancing CSAT.
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Creating a positive brand perception for a luxury automotive brand

A luxury automotive brand entering the India market selected HGS to handle pre-sales, sales, and aftersales inquiries, including social media.
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Forging personal, unforgettable connections with luxury goods consumers

An automotive manufacturer of luxury vehicles partnered with HGS to create a contact center that features voice, email, text chat, and video chat and reflects its premium, discerning UK client base.