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Featured speakers

Kevin Surace
Internationally Recognized Futurist/Visionary on Disruptive Innovation, AI and the Age of Automation

Blake Morgan
Customer Experience Futurist and Bestselling Author

Jeff Ellis
Sr. Director, Customer Experience

Tori Faulkenberry
Sr. Vice President, Customer Care

Tom Payne
Sr. Vice President, Managed Business Services

Christina Valente
Sr. Director, Product Operations

Todd Montgomery
Exec. Vice President, Customer Engagement and Support

Jason Prior
Vice President, Revenue Growth Management

Eric Tabor
Vice President, IT Strategies and Solutions

Subra Goparaju
Chief Information Officer

Holly Hingle

David Berkowitz
Founder and Marketing Leader

Jonas Dominique
Marketing Strategy Director

Partha DeSarkar
Global CEO

Venkatesh Korla
President and CEO, HGS Digital

Savita Jones
Sr. Vice President, Operations

Laura Valenti
Vice President, Business Development

Eric Schwamberger
Vice President, Business Development

Carla Johnson
Sr. Vice President, Human Resources

Photo of Sharath Tadepalli

Sharath Tadepalli
Head of Data Science, Al/ML

Dylan Smith
Senior Managing Consultant – Analytics Lead

Larry Fleishman

Larry Fleischman
Sr. Vice President, Business Development