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Digital needs change over time — so do our solutions

The majority of the top analyst firms — Gartner, Forrester, Nelson-Hall, Frost and Sullivan, etc. — have indicated that the next few years will bring an increased focus on the use of AI to improve the customer experience (CX) and the employee experience (EX).

Harvard Business Review, in research involving 1,500 companies, found that firms achieve the most significant performance improvements when humans and machines work together. At HGS Digital, this has been our experience, too, but we’ve found that many companies are struggling to successfully combine Bots&Brains™.

HGS Digital’s AI-driven solutions enable humans to complete complex tasks and the technology to handle the routine ones. For some of the world’s biggest brands, we have ensured smooth digital transformations, and many of these revolve around finding the right mix of Bots&Brains™.

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Achieve more with AI and analytics

HGS Digital’s solutions bring together analytics, automation, and AI-driven services. With predictable pricing, our solutions are designed to comb through and derive meaning from massive amounts of enterprise data and to mesh and grow with your company. We offer several packaged solutions.

HGS Digital: Leaders in AI for the CX

We provide advantages for CIOs, CMOs, COOs, and CCOs.

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Industry-specific expertise

We’ve delivered complex digital engagements across 9+ industries for dramatic TCO reductions and scalability on demand and pay-as-you-go.

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Cross-departmental collaboration

Embracing AI extends far beyond the IT department; we work to understand and align the goals of all your stakeholders.

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Platform-agnostic approach

We’ve partnered and worked with many major technology providers but will only recommend the ones that are right for you.

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Experts on demand

We have experienced AI, automation, and analytics resources and processes all ready to go to drive speed-to-innovation and improved CXs.

Our solutions address today’s biggest industry challenges

We drive innovation and enrich the CX across nine industries.

Automotive and Manufacturing

We keep businesses moving forward

Electric and self-driving vehicles, gig economy, supply chain, brand loyalty, and emissions are just some of the challenges faced by automotive OEMs and other manufacturers. HGS works with manufacturers to make them more competitive. HGS Digital’s AI Workplace Safety and Cognitive Contact Center solutions could be of benefit in this industry.

Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance

We help you build trust, increase resilience, and deliver on promises

Tech disruption, trust and retention, regulatory compliance, cybercrime and fraud, data breaches, mobility and globalization, and aging systems represent a mere sampling of the obstacles and threats that the BFSI industry is facing. HGS works with payment startups, and private and national banks to increase their resilience and keep customers for life. Due to this industry’s renewed B2C focus, our EPIC™ Social CareCognitive Contact Center, and HGS PULSE analytics portal offerings could be useful for optimizing customer engagement.

Consumer Electronics and Technology

We deliver competitive, next-generation customer experiences

Changing consumer demands, shrinking operating margins, IoT, quality and longevity, speed to market, startup financing, supply chain challenges, finding talent, cybersecurity, robotics, and AI are changing the way electronics and tech organizations operate. Innovation and speed to market are key in this industry. Our HGS PULSE analytics portal leverages technology to bring teams together, reduce costs, and promote data-driven decision making. Our EPIC™ Social Care solution ensures you are equipped to monitor and manage the product reviews and inquiries that can make or break a brand.

Consumer Packaged Goods

We help you create unforgettable customer experiences

Regulatory risk, mergers and acquisitions, slowing international trade, constant need to innovate, environmental and sustainability concerns, and a changing retail landscape make it challenging to move your business forward with confidence. HGS works with clients to make them more competitive, including providing unforgettable customer experiences with our Cognitive Contact Centers and EPIC™ Social Care and using data from our HGS PULSE analytics portal to improve products and services.


We provide holistic healthcare solutions for better outcomes

Electronic health records, connected care, increasing costs, aging populations, labor shortages, medical errors, cybersecurity, collections, price transparency, consolidation, patient experience, privatization, wait times, equal access, personalized medicine, epidemics, and pace of innovation are just some of the challenges faced by healthcare payers and providers, pharma and life sciences, and laboratories today. Our AI Workplace Safety solution can protect your team and your patients, while our Cognitive Contact Center solutions can ensure they receive the best care possible for their entire journey back to health.

Public Sector

We help governments deliver cost-effective digital services to the public

Public-private collaborations, digital transformation, budget cuts, low CSAT, cybersecurity, urbanization, polarizing elections, economic development, and procurement processes are just some of the challenges faced by local, regional, state, and federal governments. AI increases efficiency and productivity, enables teams to deliver on promises, and focus on strategic initiatives. HGS works with public sector clients to serve students, subscribers, homeowners, and travelers, and we can bring positive change to your department, too.


We optimize the customer experience for empowered, mobile consumers

Ecommerce, supply chain challenges, evolving shopper expectations, always-available products, staff knowledgeability, real estate costs, price sensitivity, online reviews, social customer care – the list of retail challenges goes on and on. HGS works with retailers to engage with more customers, faster on social and online, to accelerate their speed to innovation and to provide burst capacity on demand to handle seasonal and cyclical spikes as they strive to deliver an improved CX.


We help you to differentiate, innovate, and retain customers

Increasing competition, IoT, 5G, privacy and security, regulation, and cybersecurity are just some of the concerns keeping telecom managers awake at night. Introducing cloud computing enables you to introduce new services, reduce costs, attract new subscribers, and respond to market demands more quickly and efficiently. HGS works with cable and telecom providers in the US, Canada, India, and Europe and can use that industry understanding to build a cognitive contact center to help you to increase loyalty among your subscribers, for example.

Travel and Hospitality

We support the customer journey, digitally and literally

Online reviews and reputation management, environmental concerns, personalization, loyalty, translation and localization, crisis and emergency response, and seasonal spikes are just some of the challenges that those in the travel and hospitality industry are facing. Our EPIC™ Social Care solutions increase access and speed to response while improving the CX; our Cognitive Contact Center solutions ensure you always hear the voice of the customer.

Ways to engage with HGS Digital

We’re much more than a business process outsourcing company: we’re creators, innovators, and problem-solvers.

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Experts on demand, staff augmentation

Fill temporary resource and skills gaps with our digital experts.

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Project and consulting engagements

Hire our seasoned experts for advice or for a defined project.

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Business process outsourcing

Partner with us long-term for ongoing delivery and operational optimization.

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Ongoing IT managed services

Invest in an app, site, or portal and let us maintain it for you.

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