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What does 2024 have in store for cybersecurity?

Phani Dasari, Global CISO, HGS

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In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, technological advancements and escalating threats tend to accompany each other, therefore necessitating greater vigilance, innovation, and collaboration. From AI-driven defenses to the growing rise of state-sponsored cyber warfare, here’s a look at 10 trends set to define cybersecurity in 2024.

AI and Machine Learning-Led Defenses and Attacks

Sophisticated AI algorithms can autonomously scrutinize vast data sets in real-time. They enable swift threat identification and streamline incident response. Further, machine learning allows defenses to dynamically adjust, predicting and neutralizing emerging threats without human intervention. However, the dark side of such advancements is that hackers can leverage AI to drive hyper-personalized attacks. A sophisticated approach like this can bypass conventional filters and deceive even the most cautious users.

Article originally published on Financial Express


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