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We asked the experts: What tech trends will shape 2024?

In this article by Dana Leigh on TechRound, our Chief Revenue and Chief Customer Officer, David Morton, looks ahead and shares his predictions for tech in 2024

“2024 will see massive growth in Web3 gaming. This sector of the industry is already valued at about $4.6 billion and is projected to reach $65.7 billion by 2027. Despite a down market, VCs continue to pour money into the Web3 gaming vertical, with $600M invested in Q3 2023. The reason for the meteoric growth is multifold, but it really comes down to Web3 games becoming much more fun to play with the added bonus of enabling players to own in-game assets like skins, weapons, and characters.

“Web3 games initially gained global attention with the play-to-earn model with games like Axie Infinity, which essentially involved players pitting their NFT-characters in battles against each other for rewards. The game caught fire around the globe, garnering 2.7 million daily active players at its peak. The problem was that the game appealed little to traditional gamers who are accustomed to more sleek game experiences and complicated lore. The Web3 gaming user experience is catching up now that the focus of Web3 games has shifted away from playing to earn rewards and instead boasts great user experience supported by engaging narratives. This shift will take hold in 2024, and we will see an explosion of new Web3 games that begin to take some market share from the traditional gaming vertical.”

Article originally published on TechRound


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