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The future of excellent CX: Leveraging enhanced generative AI

Andrew Kokes, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, discusses how generative AI is improving CX.

Andrew Kokes, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing

Article originally published on Forbes

Global marketing leader at HGS, CX professional, product promoter, outsourcing innovation fan – with a focus on what’s next.

As the customer experience (CX) continues to evolve, artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the industry’s dynamics for good. In fact, McKinsey’s State of AI report shows more than half of companies are investing more than 5% of their digital budgets in AI. One such fiction-come-true generative AI platform making headlines in the market is ChatGPT.

While many AI tools are used in the workplace, none have created buzz quite like ChatGPT. ChatGPT’s dense “neural” network consists of over 175 billion parameters and incredible natural language processing (NLP) abilities that perform tasks with only a few lines of input—offering a flashy tool everyone wants to use.


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