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Shilpa Sinha Harsh is the SVP – Global Corporate Communications, CSR and D&I at Hinduja Global Solutions.

Article originally published on BW People

Today, diversity and inclusion (D&I) is among the top priorities for every organization. They’re doing everything possible right from inclusive policies, diverse hiring to infrastructural changes, to become diverse and inclusive. However, there’s still a long way to go especially in the context of the LGBT+ employees. According to a study by Glassdoor, 4 out of 10 LGBT+ workers said they aren’t fully ‘out’ at work and half of those surveyed said they feared being ‘out’ would hurt their career prospects, from getting passed over for a promotion to even losing their jobs. There are multiple other studies with similar findings. There is still lot to be done for LGBT+ employees at workplace.

India has been losing as much as 1.4 percent of its national output when homosexuality was not decriminalized, according to calculations by University of Massachusetts Amherst economics professor Lee Badgett, who has studied the issue for the World Bank. This is a huge number and can’t be ignored. Now, that homosexuality is legal in India, it’s time we must embrace the LGBT+ community more than ever. These people are one of the most untapped talent that needs to be included in the mainstream workforce. The LGBT+ candidates if given the right opportunity can perform as good as their peers in an organization. Let’s understand how organizations can further embrace and include the LGBT+ employees:


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