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The big CX decisions to make amid a recession

Shane Schick, Founder, 360 Magazine

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Article originally published on 360 Magazine

Andrew Kokes, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing

Andrew Kokes, Global Head of Marketing at HGS, discusses CX recession trends and how to enhance CX through the use of technology platforms.

Given clients’ customers feel more vulnerable during a recession, conversations tend to fall into a couple of key areas. With 360 Magazine’s Shane Schick, he discussed that clients often want to know how they can leverage technology and data to serve customers more quickly and efficiently, the best ways to harness voice of the customer (VOC) and offer more self-service capabilities. When first deploying chatbots, Kokes advised using chatbots as a sort of “copilot” for live agents , training them until they can reach more of an “autopilot” mode.


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