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Revolutionizing customer experience: How advanced generative AI is changing the game

Andrew Kokes, Global Head of Marketing at HGS, discusses ways advanced generative AI can help brands revolutionize their customer experiences.

Andrew Kokes, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing

Article originally published on Solutions Review

The world is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, all thanks to the complex yet fascinating branch of computer science—generative Artificial Intelligence. From banking and finance to healthcare and customer service, it’s creating ripples across industries. ChatGPT, Bard, Claude, Synthesia, and Coherent Generate are some of the latest generative AI solutions that help optimize various operations.

Coupled with this transformation is also the evolution of the customer experience (CX), and generative AI has the opportunity to change the industry’s dynamic for good. Organizations are implementing these solutions to get ahead of the AI revolution; according to McKinsey’s State of AI report, more than half of companies are investing over 5 percent of their digital budgets in AI. It isn’t just companies that are excited about this new technology. According to a recent Adobe consumer survey, 72 percent of respondents believe generative AI will improve customer experiences.

The world’s fascination with these tools underscores the continued dominance of generative AI in shaping CX strategies. However, leaders must recognize that harnessing any AI tool demands a deep understanding and commitment to transformation to achieve a significant impact.


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