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Pride not Prejudice: How businesses can become more LGBT+ inclusive

Shilpa Sinha Harsh is the SVP – Global Corporate Communications, CSR and D&I at Hinduja Global Solutions.

Article originally published on The Times of India

Within the LGBT+ community, the term ‘PRIDE’ is a cultural notion that represents solidarity, collectiveness, and identity as well as resistance to prejudice. Its accompanying iconography communicates to others that LGBT+ people are valued parts of society. It stands as an affirmation of for equal rights, and celebration of visibility, dignity, and diversity in our society. There isn’t a shortcut you can click for inclusion. It’s an ever-changing quest for a more inclusive future. Similarly, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating an LGBT+ inclusive workplace. Inclusivity should be viewed as a process as well as a goal.

Today, it’s not enough to just have a written policy in place. Even if a company has internal regulations protecting LGBT+ employees, the organization’s culture may prevent people from bringing their complete selves to work. The need of the hour is for companies to progress from a focus on mere diversity to true ‘inclusion,’ which necessitates a deliberate inclusion plan that moves beyond just ideas and reflections to concrete acts.


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