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Perfect work-life balance – A new ask of employees today

Giridhar GV, Executive Vice President – Global Human Resources, HGS


Article originally published on BW People

It is vital for businesses to comprehend the magnitude of changing paradigms that are shifting the way people work and how work gets done today. The pandemic and its aftermath have shifted how employers view employee experiences at work. Personal factors rather than external factors have taken precedence over what matters to both enterprises and employees. According to recent research, employees are concerned about work-life balance, flexibility, and mental health as they look to their companies for assurance about the future. A McKinsey & Company 2021 survey revealed that 51% of people seek a better work-life balance, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

With more and more enterprises returning to work from office on a hybrid model, it is believed that work-life balance scales are tipping yet again. In the months ahead, attaining the optimal work-life balance among an increasingly varied set of employees will continue to confound even the most proactive of businesses. After the COVID-19 outbreak ripped through established working habits, businesses all across the world are now rethinking their policies and working arrangements. Here’s some thoughts on how enterprises can build an effective way to improve employees’ physical health and emotional well-being, thereby accelerating productivity at work.


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