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How to rethink your social media strategy

Amanda Sternquist, Global Head of the Digital Engagement Practice at HGS Digital, has been working closely with top Fortune 500s and 100s to develop and deploy new AI solutions focused on managing and prioritizing social media conversations to engage with.

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Article originally published on MarTech
Written by Amanda Sternquist

The right social media management strategy has always been something of a Holy Grail for marketers and brand strategists, but this moment in time has made designing an effective one particularly challenging. Some tactics that worked last year, or even earlier this year, are no longer ideal.

Yet social media remains a critical part of a marketing strategy, especially now. As the world continues to evolve, people are seeking safe options for connecting with friends, family — and brands. Social media — the original way to hang out while staying socially distant — is a pandemic-friendly way for companies to engage their audiences.

This year has been a real-time case study in how brands and marketers should be thinking about social media channels, both now and going forward. Here are four tips to help you perfect your social media strategy for the rest of this year and beyond:

Show Empathy — but Put Action Behind It.

Modern customers want everything immediately, but right now, they aren’t always able to just go get it. This, combined with an entire world that is stressed and anxious, is leading consumers to seek answers and assistance via social media channels.

This means brands must adopt a much more empathetic approach to communicating with customers. But empathy alone isn’t enough. Brands and their marketers must also have an action plan for how they can put their customers’ minds at ease during this pandemic. This includes everything from the type of support they offer to the way they communicate through proactive brand content.

By using social channels to pair empathy with support and communications, you can reassure customers that your brand cares and is ready to help support their journey with the brand. Because much of social media takes place publicly, this approach can help to not only retain existing buyers, but also acquire new ones.


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