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How data and analytics are changing customer experience

Article originally published on Raconteur

How data and analytics are changing customer experience. Data and analytics tools can provide insights as to where the customer experience is falling short, and what companies need to do to improve it.

Customer needs and expectations are constantly changing, and companies that fail to adapt soon find themselves lagging behind their competitors. They have to work harder to ensure they’re delivering the kind of customer experience (CX) that people have come to expect. Meeting this challenge requires them to unlock data and insights that they might not have had access to in the past.

“Precise behavioural data across the customer journey will always be needed to identify specific problems,” says Stephen Lester, CTO at Paragon Customer Communications. “Analysing the data you do have is a great starting point – as it can allow you to set benchmarks to monitor over and under-performance – but identifying the missing data from across your customer journey is just as important.”


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