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How chatbots can influence customer experience

Jamie Kennedy, Director of Digital Strategy & Customer Experience Solutions at HGS

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Article originally published on CustomerThink

When it comes to “winning the CX game,” perhaps no factor is as crucial as time for both consumers and brands, as time is the single greatest indicator of an issue’s severity. According to Forrester, 73% of customers say that the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service is to value their time. In looking to reduce customer hold time, as well as care center employee workloads, skillful deployment of chatbots offers a gold medal strategy.

Customer experiences are segmented into three distinct groups that follow the CX journey, each with an individual approach for chatbot usage: front-line, requires follow-up, and customer critical.


Front-line chatbots offer brands a chance to quickly address “short duration resolutions,” defined as any concern solvable in 15 minutes or less. Answering simple questions, resetting passwords, and resolving billing issues are just some examples of successful front-line chatbot deployments. According to Tidio, over half of consumers (62%) would rather “talk” to a chatbot than a human agent because of the wait time reduction. Front-line chatbots are also helpful for off-hour, FAQ, and on-the-go deployments.


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