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How Can Hoteliers Balance A Surge In Travel With Labor Shortages?

Tim Schuh, President of Digital Strategy at HGS, details how hoteliers can balance a surge in leisure travel while navigating a tight labor market.

Tim Schuh, President – Digital Strategy

Article originally published on Forbes
Interview with Gary Drenik

The Covid-19 pandemic has understandably been a turbulent period for hoteliers. And, it seems like far too often more problems are added to the mix, like extreme labor shortages in the hospitality industry, growing customer demands and preferences, new Covid-19 variants – the list goes on. So, the question remains: how can hoteliers provide the best possible experience that guests will enjoy, recommend to their family and friends, and even look forward to returning to the property?

I spoke with HGS’s Tim Schuh, President of Digital Strategy, to learn more about how hoteliers can balance a surge in leisure travel while navigating a tight labor market.


Is your CX feeling the squeeze?

Is your CX feeling the squeeze?

The cost-of-living crisis puts additional pressure on the CX industry, which has already been hit hard by the pandemic. How we react to this – and ultimately re-emerge following it – will be reliant on strong people, processes, and an unwavering focus on CX. Strong partners focused on nurturing employees may help to weather the “perfect storm.”
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Winning Technology of the Year: Assisting drivers in distress

In recognition of our human-centric bot, Axle™, HGS has been named a winner for Technology of the Year in the 2022 Excellence in Customer Service Awards. With real-time tracking, notifications, customer reviews, and real-time engagement, Axle™ works quickly and efficiently to get stranded drivers back on the road.
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Beyond the CX: The total experience (TX)

A total experience (TX) ensures the goals of all stakeholders, through all channels and interfaces, are met during an engagement. Leveraging technology, putting employees at the heart of the TX, and journey mapping for everyone are logical steps towards a TX.
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Mother’s Day gift personalization

Even the smallest bit of personalization drives consumer engagement, delivers greater efficiency behind marketing spend, and ultimately grows revenue. And you may already have some personalization tools in your arsenal. Personalization, for example, can help you find the perfect gift for Mom this Mother's Day.
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Building better chatbots: 7 key considerations

Implementing a chatbot is definitely not a once-and-done affair. Monitoring users’ evolving needs, creating a vision, iterating, and leveraging analytics ensures your chatbot reaches its maximum potential.
A person is interacting with a ChatBot on his mobile phone.