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Hinduja Global Solutions is Developing Proprietary Generative AI Models

Partha DeSarkar, Group CEO, HGS

Partha DeSarkar - Global CEO

Generative AI holds significant promise for Indian IT firms. The top 10 IT companies in India are actively engaged in about 450 generative AI projects and Proof of Concepts (PoCs), indicating a strong commitment to harnessing the potential of this technology.

Recently, AIM caught up with Partha DeSarkar, Group CEO at Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS), the IT management division of the billion-dollar Hinduja Group. He believes generative AI has the potential to significantly transform Indian IT, driving efficiency, personalisation, and innovation.

“Generative AI can streamline and automate various IT processes, from code generation, testing, and IT operations to support leading and cost savings for businesses in India by reducing manual labour and improving resource allocation,” DeSarkar said.

Article originally published on Analytics India Magazine


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