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Hinduja Global Solutions 2022 predictions: Automate to innovate – Five future of work trends

Nancy Pekala, Vice President of Content Marketing and Strategy at HGS, details five key trends that can be effectively addressed with automation, allowing organizations to work in a more efficient, cost-effective manner.

Article originally published on VMBlog
By Nancy Pekala

Automate to Innovate – Five Future of Work Trends

The Great Resignation. The Great Reshuffle. The Great Reimagination. The Great Reprioritization. Whatever name you give the massive labor shifts that have been occurring this year, one thing is clear. Organizations in every industry are grappling with the fallout of a flood of employee resignations and the resulting labor shortfalls.

In this past August alone, a record 4.3 million employees quit their jobs while multiple polls report that half of employees are actively looking for a job.

As a result, the labor churn has left many businesses with no choice but to ramp up their automation efforts. A recent survey found that 3 in 4 business owners are turning to automation in an effort to permanently reduce labor needs. Research from the IBM Institute for Business Value further reveals that the pandemic has advanced the need for digital transformation in 59% of surveyed organizations.

Moving into 2022, businesses will be increasingly leveraging sustainable solutions to automate work, improve employee experience and maintain productivity. Automated processes can address routine tasks, allowing remaining employees to focus on the core job functions that matter most and perform work in a more efficient, cost-effective manner.


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