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HGS automates CX for cost savings and efficiency: CIO shares success story

Article originally published on ETCIO

One constant in the enterprise world: changing customer expectations. Post covid and with the proliferation of advanced tech in mainstream, customers expect help in an 2/5 instant. And brands are tightening their purse strings. It falls on IT companies to innovate to bridge the gap. Here’s how Hinduja Global Solutions’ tryst with automation led to an improved and cost effective customer experience strategy.

Natarajan Radhakrishnan, commonly known as Nat in the industry, joined Hinduja Group Solutions around four and a half years ago as President and Chief Innovation Officer. Nat is responsible for internal automation, covering IT infrastructure, cloud, and related domains. He oversees global delivery of every project for BPM and digital businesses, as well as the M&A integration. HGS, recently, acquired TekLink, an analytics company, and Nat was responsible for finding prospects and integrating them.


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