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Forecasting, resilience, and agility key to adapting to clients’ evolving needs: Group CEO of HGS

Partha DeSarkar, Group CEO, HGS

Partha DeSarkar - Global CEO
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Partha DeSarkar discusses the impact of the pandemic and ongoing uncertainties on the company, as well as his strategy for building a digitally-enabled workforce in an exclusive interview.

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) is a digital customer experience company that has seen significant changes in the business landscape in recent years. Its group CEO Partha DeSarkar is leading the charge to keep the company, with a workforce of over 22,000 and operations spanning across eight countries, resilient and adaptable. In this interview, Partha outlines his strategic vision and delineates the measures he is taking to ensure HGS remains competitive, building a diverse and agile workforce, and how his leadership priorities are evolving.


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