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Evolving performance management for the hybrid work environment

Giridhar GV, Executive Vice President – Global Human Resources, HGS


Article originally published on People Matters

“New performance metrics should be based on a qualitative assessment of employee achievements and their contributions to business success. Processes need to be simplified and goals must be aligned to changing business needs,” says Giridhar GV, EVP Global HR at HGS.

Giridhar (Giri) is the Executive Vice President – Global Human Resources at HGS. In his role, he is responsible for managing the entire employee life-cycle in the organisation, crafting HR strategies to drive business outcomes, driving a strong culture and Leadership succession planning, to support the business objectives of HGS.

Giri has close to three decades of work experience spanning across manufacturing, hospitality, BPM, and professional services industries. He has multi-functional and varied industry experience, ranging from start-up operations to setting up a large captive global delivery services centre. He has earlier worked with Indian Hotels Company Ltd (Taj Group of Hotels), [24], and EY. His last stint was with EY, where he held senior leadership positions such as COO for EY’s Global Deliver Services in India and as GDS Global Talent Leader.


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