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Episode # 107 of Get Out of Wrap podcast for Contact Centre Chat

Colleen McCann chatting to Martin Teasdale about all things outsourcing and how clients are looking for ‘partnering with experts’ over traditional outsourcing.

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Get Out of Wrap Contact Center Chat

Podcast originally broadcast on GetOutOfWrap

Key Quotes

HGS are looking to do things slightly differently and we are different than other outsourcers in the market, we look at more of the digital aspect, as well as CX. So how do we bring Bots and Brains together? How does that work? And again, from my background in technology, I really liked that approach and the angle that they were taking so that’s kind of what led me here and the rest is history, so it’s been a journey but a really good journey, and you know it is exciting. It’s an exciting industry because it doesn’t stand still.

I definitely think with CX and what’s happening, it’s not what maybe was talked about four or five years ago where bots are taking over the call centres and won’t need humans. It’s not about that, it’s about how do we use technology to then build and grow what we’re trying to do, For HGS that is very much at the forefront of what we’re trying to do is. Where does digital sit in this, where can we use technology to get rid of things like where’s my order? That’s a high volume, low value transaction and it doesn’t need to go through to a human. It can be answered quicker with technology, it’s more efficient and again it’s just it’s being smarter about how we do CX., I would say as well, at HGS it’s we don’t have cookie cutter clients where everybody’s got the same thing, and everybody has to take this because that’s what we sell. It’s not about that, it is about how do we shape what’s right for you? And have those dialogues and conversations and then understand them and I think that’s really important is not trying to force an organisation into something that just doesn’t fit with them.


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