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Elevating the brand reputation in the era of gen Z

Sachin Karweer, Business Head, HGS Interactive

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Article originally published on ET BrandEquity

A new generation has arrived and I’m talking about Gen Z who are arguably the most influential consumer group yet. According to a 2019 Bloomberg report, Gen Z made up for 32% of the global population, with India’s Gen Z population at 472 million. First and foremost, who are these people exactly? Born from 1995-2010, they are the coolest kids on the block. They are self-reliant, neo-digital natives who have grown up in a fully-digital era. They have never known a world without a smartphone. For them, electronics are a necessity as opposed to their parents and older siblings for whom it is a luxury.

What do they like? How do they talk? What actually matters to them? These are questions you need to have answers to if you wish to elevate a brand’s reputation in the era of the Gen Z.


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