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Eight comms pros share must-have features in customer service chatbots

Andrew Kokes, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, HGS shares his thoughts on critical features for chatbots

Andrew Kokes, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing

Article originally published on Forbes

Andrew Kokes, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, shares his thoughts with the Forbes Communications Council on must-have functionalities developers should include when engineering a chatbot, along with reasons why such features are critical to ensuring success.

Chatbots have been featured on company websites for quite some time now, helping to reduce costs and make customer service teams more productive by providing instantaneous responses to common customer questions around the clock and collecting data. With recent advances in the capabilities of artificial intelligence tools, many more businesses may be considering jumping on the chatbot bandwagon.

Before deciding to integrate a chatbot into a company site for improved customer service, it is important for leaders to get a clear understanding of what they need, what they want and what is possible.


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