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CX Trends Dominating The Industry Today

Andrew Kokes, Global Marketing Leader of HGS, discusses the critical pillars of successful CX strategies in today’s industry landscape. He draws insights from a recent survey commissioned by HGS, emphasizing the need for a customer-centric approach, AI integration, and fostering cross-functional collaboration.

Andrew Kokes, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing

As a communications executive in 2024, finding the right balance of advanced technology and skilled talent for your desired brand experience is a top priority. Upholding a customer-centric approach, exploiting AI’s potential and ensuring consistency while innovating and fostering cross-functional collaboration are the pillars of successful customer experience (CX) strategies.

To help brands plot robust CX strategies, my company commissioned a survey of CX decision-makers in the United States to gain data-driven insights and identify technology deployment priorities for the next 18 months. Before our survey, we found the industry needed a fresh look at CX buyer dynamics data and broader information representing a larger scope of financial implications, AI and decision dynamics.

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