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CX Personalization: How to unlock brand loyalty in 2023

Venu Gooty, SVP of Digital Strategy and Transformation at HGS, discusses how autonomous technologies support a more personal CX.

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Article originally published on Destination CRM
Written by Venu Gooty

In their efforts to support rising consumer demands for flexibility, simplicity, personalization, and many other “age of Amazon” factors, companies often find themselves fielding complex digital customer experience (CX) strategies. Some components take priority, such as personalization, where 90 percent of U.S. consumers find it appealing to have their experience customized to their wants and needs. As companies see customers demand a more comprehensive CX journey, personalization is a key aspect to offering a tailored experience and strengthening brand loyalty.

In 2023, customers’ demands will continue to rise as they lean into experiences where they have more control and individual freedom. When Netflix and Amazon include immediate content and product suggestions, it remains clear that agility is more important than ever to effectively deliver personalization. To build agile CX strategies and create efficiencies in traditionally people-heavy customer service tasks, autonomous CX must play a large role in the transition.


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