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Coworking: Virgil Wong believes immersive technologies can connect us

Vigil Wong, Chief Digital Officer at HGS, discusses how technologies can connect people. Coworking is a weekly segment where Tech Brew spotlights readers who work with emerging technologies.

Virgil Wong

Article originally published on Tech Brew

How would you describe your job to someone who doesn’t work in tech?

My startup, Medical Avatar, uses virtual reality to reduce stress, anxiety, and PTSD. Our Healthy Selfie symptom-tracking app improves the accuracy and quality of patient-physician communication.

My job at HGS focuses on using AI, automation, and analytics to create happier experiences for customers and employees. We put an end to people stuck on the phone, waiting endlessly to talk to a customer service representative. HGS provides the technologies and talent for fast customer interactions. We help large and mid-sized companies worldwide ensure that every moment with their customers is prompt, personalized, and positive.


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