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Corporate enablement in “breaking the bias”

Shilpa Sinha Harsh is the SVP – Global Corporate Communications, CSR and D&I at Hinduja Global Solutions.

Shilpa Harsh

Article originally published on The Times of India

“If you want to do something, what does it matter where you are ranked”- Kalpana Chawla.

Over the years, women at large have faced several difficulties in pursuing their careers especially in the technology domain due to various household and caregiving responsibilities. However, for past couple of decades, women have been steadily breaking biases and stereotypes. Not only have women gained leadership positions in organizations, but they have made a successful foray into entrepreneurship as well. There has been a 10 per cent rise in the number of women working in India’s tech industry. According to NASSCOM, women constitute 35 per cent of the tech workforce, much higher than the 24 per cent across other industries.

Today, most tech companies are taking significant steps to make their organization more inclusive. The shift toward gender-balance is an important factor behind the increasing number of women in tech.

Here are some ways organizations are helping women break biases, stereotypes, and discrimination.


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