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Championing Change Management to Accelerate Automation

Ram Mohan Natarajan, Senior Vice President of Business Transformation at HGS, details how the use of automation by employees can result in increased productivity and cost efficiencies for organizations.

Ram Mohan

Article originally published on RT Insights

Organizations must actively encourage employees to embrace change and identify use cases for automation that will result in increased productivity and cost efficiencies.

While it may seem like technology is moving at a breakneck pace, there’s nothing new about the applications of automation and robotics technologies to the workplace. Automation has long played a role in the workplace, handling mundane, routine tasks so humans can focus on higher-level, strategic tasks.

What is new, however, is the types and amount of workplace tasks that can be automated. Logically, it makes sense that many activities that are being performed by a person can be accomplished by a machine more cost-effectively and with more accuracy.


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