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Building employee connections: A way forward for successful enterprise

Giridhar GV, Executive Vice President – Global Human Resources, HGS


Article originally published on Financial Express

Of late, ‘Great Resignation’ has been the talk of the town and its impact has been felt globally. But, I look at it as “Great Disconnection.” For far too long, a professional connection has been assumed to occur just during the workday, whether through hallway talks, water-cooler moments, or getting coffee. Leaders must now be more proactive in order to cultivate spontaneous moments of connection in a remote or hybrid setting, especially considering how crucial connection is to employee retention.

Referrals, personal ties, and views of how open a firm is, will become increasingly important in people’s decisions about where to hunt for work—and whether to stay at their existing jobs—in a post-pandemic world. Employees who feel more connected with individuals in their networks are 1.5 times more likely than their colleagues to report being engaged at work, according to Mckinsey.


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