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Beyond products: How brands are cultivating trust in the age of customer-centricity

Sohaib Ahmed, Senior Director of CX Program Strategy at HGS, shares 10 important factors that can help a brand excel in the department of customer-centricity.

In the last few decades, the market has witnessed a gradual power shift between brands and consumers. Previously, brands would work on their ideas and develop a product or service that they believed would help customers. Now, brands are taking notes and working on innovating and devising products and services that customers believe in. By conscientiously creating offerings to make consumers feel valued and needed, brands foster greater customer centricity.

Today’s Era Requires a Customer-Centric Approach

Prioritizing the customer above everything is no longer a fresh concept in terms of marketing, but it remains the most crucial of all. Being customer-centric allows brands to develop trust and a sense of reliability in the eyes of their customers.

Article originally published on Total Retail


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