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Behind the scenes of summer travel: A robust CX strategy

Andrew Kokes, EVP, Global Head of Marketing, HGS, shares his thoughts on the summer travel experience and the many benefits a robust CX strategy could brings.

Andrew Kokes, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Marketing

Article originally published on Forbes

Travel is the most accessible it has been since before the pandemic, resulting in many planning summer trips. According to Transportation Service Administration (TSA) Administrator David Pekoske: “In January, we experienced our first full month where travel volumes exceeded the same month in 2019. We fully expect to see an upward trend in travel volumes throughout 2023…”

Many travelers are in the process of planning their ideal summer getaway they’ve been dreaming about for weeks, months or even years. Whether a relaxing trip to the beach, experiencing the thrills at an amusement park, camping in the mountains or exploring on a cross-country road trip, travel and hospitality brands constantly revisit and revamp business strategies that spark the magic of an ideal getaway.


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